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Mission Statement

Disabled Crime Victim Assistance, Inc. is committed to assisting the disabled crime victim and their families and promoting awareness of their specialized needs to those who serve victims and the community.

Who does Disabled Crime Victims Assistance help?

Disabled Crime Victims Assistance, Inc. helps those people who became disabled as a result of a violent crime or those who were already disabled before they became a crime victim. DCVA helps adults, children and the elderly.

The family of a crime victim is also greatly impacted in every aspect of their life. DCVA provides assistance to the family related to the crime and disability.

Disabled Crime Victims face permanent injuries such as:

  • Spinal Cord Injury
  • Head Injury
  • Amputation
  • Blindness
  • Deafness
  • Developmental disabilities
  • Other permanent disabilities or medical conditions


  • In the US there are 49.7 million individuals with a disability
  • There are approximately 4 million Texans with a disability
  • Persons with disabilities have a 4 to 10 higher risk of becoming a crime victim than persons without disabilities
  • Of children who are physically abused, approximately 17.2% have a disability
  • Of children who are sexually abused, approximately 15.2% have a disability
  • 68% to 83% of women with disabilities will be sexually assaulted in the lifetime, which is two times greater than women without a disability
  • “Among adults who are developmentally disabled, as many as 83% of the females and 32% of the males are the Victims of sexual assault.‿
  • Each year 2.1 million elderly Americans are victims of some form of physical abuse, neglect, and/or psychological abuse
  • At least 6 million serious injuries occur each year due to crime, resulting in either temporary or permanent disabilities
  • Violence is the second leading cause for spinal cord injuries (25% of all spinal cord injuries are a result of violence)
  • Approximately 20% of head injuries per year are due to violence

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